Impact strategy

Do you want to maximize your impact with limited resources? Then you need to develop an impact strategy. This gives you clarity on boundaries, goals and activities.

Think about questions such as:

  • Why does our organisation exist?
  • What are the most urgent problems?
  • Which interventions can solve these problems efficiently?
  • What could our unique role be in solving these problems?

By answering these types of questions, you reflect critically on your goals and strategy. Which may result in changes, for example a decision to look for new partners or a different target group.

Developing an impact strategy before starting your activities also simplifies how you measure impact at a later stage.

Our support

Avance facilitates the development of an impact strategy for organisations, programmes, policies and projects. With our extensive experience, tools and methods we lead discussions and help teams to align their vision and ideas. Participation is key to how we work: your knowledge and experience form the basis for discussions.

Using the existing situation as our starting point, we develop future scenarios based on the context in which you work and the unique strengths of your organisation. We present the final strategy in the form of an easy-to-read product, for example a visualised Theory of Change or an attractive three-pager that can be used in discussions with the board.We do not just help develop a paper strategy, but can also facilitate putting your new strategy into action.