Thinking and doing, that’s our motto. Since 2009, avance- is a full-service impact expert: we translate respect for people and planet into visible and tangible results.
Corporate responsibility = optimising impact

To really make a difference as an organisation, it is essential to focus on impact, and act upon it. For us that’s the New Normal. We contribute to it by measuring impact —so effects become visible and based on real-time information you can trust. And we will do everything to help you maximise your impact.

No-nonsense advice and practical tools
We do not write complicated reports; we focus on concrete results. Thinking and doing, that characterises our approach. Our no-nonsense approach and customised practical tools help your organisation transform towards the New Normal.

Independent player
We work for NGOs, government agencies, investors and companies that want to make a difference. This makes us an independent player, one that knows the language and culture of different parties.

Actively involved in improvement programmes
We do not only increase impact from behind our desks, we are also involved in concrete improvement programmes in different sectors, like Progreso and ProClimate. So we know your dilemmas only too well.


Creating impact

Programme management
We develop and manage high-impact programmes, like Progreso and ProClimate. We help social investors, NGOs and companies contribute to a sustainable economy with our expertise in improving the sustainability of value chains.

We develop a custom approach in close collaboration with the customer. This varies from a one-time consultation to writing concrete project or loan proposals, or a comprehensive programme spanning several years.

In-depth knowledge
Avance has in-depth knowledge of and experience in different sectors in the commodity and food industries. Since 2009 we have worked intensively with producer organisations and their business partners in the value chain in more than 10 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Measuring impact

Result and impact measurement
Avance has an extensive track record in setting up effective systems for result and impact measurement, and has delivered professional customised work for companies, investors, government agencies and NGOs since 2009.

Impact audits
In our audits, we carefully examine the strategies of your company, and advise you on concrete measures to improve your impact.

We evaluate (international) projects and programmes. Based on the results we give advice to increase your impact.

Maximising impact

Strategy development
Avance provides support in policy and strategy development to maximise your impact. We act as facilitator and adviser. We first look at the current impact, and then develop scenarios for the future, based on a changing environment.

Structure and culture
Based on your ambitions, we provide advice on the structure of your organisation and processes. We provide advice for setting up lean processes that lead to maximum return. Even more importantly, we help you to integrate – impact in your organisational culture, to manage it, and learn from it.

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