From government agencies to social enterprises, and from NGOs to a large financial institution: Avance helps them to increase their impact. Together, on the way to the New Normal.

We measure impact for SnappCar

SnappCar is the largest online platform for private individuals to share their car. The pros: you lower your CO2 emissions, you save money, and you help one another.

SnappCar has environmental, financial and social impact. But what is the exact impact of the company? And how do you make the added value of this sharing initiative concrete?

Aim of the project: helping SnappCar gain insight into its impact, so it can steer it, and communicate it effectively and concretely to the outside world. Our first step was to support SnappCar in mapping its expected positive and negative effects. Then it was time to research whether this was actually reflected in practice. Avance guided and advised SnappCar throughout the entire process: with a literature review, the development of surveys for data collection and, finally, the analysis and presentation of research results.

Together, SnappCar and Avance, carried out research among 1,180 active car owners or users through the carsharing platform. The research showed that carsharers have more social contact, are more involved and share more. Also, SnappCar members have achieved savings of more than 2,000 square tons of CO2. That is roughly a savings of 15 million (gas) car kilometres.

We measure impact for Tony’s

Crazy about chocolate, serious about people: Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission is to make the chocolate world 100% slave-free.

How do you keep the slave-free mission present at all levels of the company? How do you continuously monitor whether you are on the right track, or if you could create more impact?

Avance helps Tony’s Chocolonely to measure and maximise its impact. Together with the employees at Tony’s, we set up an impact-monitoring system that involves every link in the value chain. That is how we can make the social added value of the company more visible. We also researched how farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast were doing in terms of health, production, sales and education. Each year we conduct impact audits as well. We look at whether Tony’s is still on the right track regarding the measurement and achievement of their impact targets.

Now Tony’s Chocolonely knows exactly where it stands regarding its own impact, and can independently guide the company to maximise its impact. Besides that, Tony’s Chocolonely is now better able to communicate these results. Through clear visuals and short texts, the work that is carried out to achieve the slave-free mission becomes clear for their partners and the general public.